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Removing stigma against special needs




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AWARE at a Glance

Aware’s mission is to remove stigma against special needs and truly give everyone equal social opportunity.

Picture this: no matter what you say, no one is listening. No matter how you try to talk, no one understands what you are saying. Every time you want to explore, everyone tries to stop you. People are constantly shying away from you, and tiptoeing around you. It is in this atmosphere that people with special needs attempt to function every second of their lives, and it is this atmosphere that Aware is committed to changing. People with special needs already have difficulty communicating; there is no reason their lives should be harder simply because they are different.


What We Do

Group of Friends Going on Excursion


Removing stigma against special needs.

Aware's mission is to remove stigma against special needs. The organization recruits high schoolers to open an associated club at their own school. Through the club teens interact with the kids with special needs monthly during a lunch and do in school activities together, like watching basketball games. In addition, each club administers an activity that helps elementary school students understand what special needs are and interact with kids with special needs every year.

Donating Money


Raising money

Aware hopes to become self-funding by 2022, and CompeWare is how we are going to achieve this goal! Through CompeWare, Aware chapters compete to fundraise the most money for Aware. From organizing bake sales to doing car washes Aware chapters work hard to fundraise. The chapters that gathers the most money on the regional, state, and national level are awarded a prize. This program is not in place right now, and will begin in the 2019.


The Team


Sarah Raza


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Arushi Aggarwal

Head of Technology


Athena Ho

Head of Communications


Faye Thijssen

Head of Social Media


Ananya Srivastava

Head of Outreach


Board of Advisors

Our board of advisors is a dedicated team of experienced professionals who utilize their unique skills and passion to move the work of our Nonprofit Organization forward. Meet our incredible advisers below.


Gillian Muessig

CEO of + Co-founder of Outlines Venture


Matthew Strax-Haber

CEO of Travel Massive + venture capitalist


Priti Patkar

Founder + CEO of Prerana

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Samantha Love

Special Needs Teacher Redmond High School